John Henry Newman Catholic College

School Week: Week 1

Year 11 Fieldtrip

22nd January 2015

On 14th January Miss Dodd and a group of Year 11 students went to The Long Mynd in Shropshire to look at the upland area of a river. When they arrived, there was snow everywhere!


During their visit saw wild ponies, interlocking spurs, rapids, meanders and lots of other features like river cliffs.


The students carried out measurements at 3 different points along the river so that they could see how it changed as it moved towards the middles and lower course. The measurements included: velocity, width, depth and bedload size/shape.


Miss Dodd reported that the students were a pleasure to teach all day and seemed to get a lot out of it; one student commented "Miss, I see what you mean by interlocking spurs now I've seen it. I didn't get it before!".

Mr Neal, Mr Hawkins and Mr Middleton accompanied the students on the fieldtrip.