John Henry Newman Catholic College

School Week: Week 1

Students of the Week

This week's students are:

Yr7; Daniel Burley -

Daniel has completed some great work within digital studies over the last couple of weeks and his participation in lessons has been brilliant.
Keep up the hard work Daniel!

Yr8; Julia Nalecz -

Julia has clearly been taking her exams very seriously and scored a near perfect result in her Geography exam.
Well done Julia!

Yr9; Leah Clarke -

Leah has made an excellent contribution to Dance lessons recently and has displayed an outstanding work ethic. Leah is a real team player and has been helping others in her group to achieve.
Well done Leah!

Yr0;  Tiannah Hall -

Tiannah was 4 marks off a grade B in her History Mock paper. Tiannah has worked very hard all year, responding to feedback and remaining positive and persistent! Well done Tiannah, Miss Rahim is very proud of you!

Class of the week; 8W1 –

8W1 are an absolute pleasure to teach. It is obvious that they have all been studying hard for their KS3 exams as on the whole they have achieved some outstanding results.